How dental benefits help employers stay competitive

Full compensation packages that include dental coverage can help you stand out from your competition. Not only do they make you look more attractive from the outside, but they also help you save time and money internally. Read on to learn why dental coverage is a key part of staying ahead of the pack.

Attracting talented employees
According to McKinsey, top performers in business are around eight times more productive than average performers.1 Attracting and retaining these top employees is critical in a highly competitive marketplace and offering dental benefits can help.

Consider this: Two out of 3 employees report that dental coverage is an extremely or very important part of an overall compensation package.2 In fact, dental benefits ranks higher in importance than disability, life and retiree health insurance.3 And offering an attractive benefits package matters when it comes to the hiring process; 3 out of 4 workers state that the benefits package offered by an employer is an extremely or very important part of their decision to accept or turn down a job.3

Saving your employees (and yourself) time and money
Every year, Americans lose more than 164 million hours of work from dental disease,4 costing companies significant amounts of productivity. Offering dental benefits helps employees stay healthy by encouraging them to seek preventive care. In fact, employees with dental coverage are 73 percent more likely to schedule dental checkups annually than those without it.5 And visiting the dentist regularly leads to better oral health and early dental disease detection, preventing time away from work required to treat more complex issues.

Dental coverage can also help you and your employees lower the cost of medical care. The dentist will screen for oral cancer, increasing the odds that it will be caught early. Additionally, signs of over 120 diseases may be detected in the mouth including heart disease, diabetes and even some cancers.6,7 This disease detection may help improve treatment options and patient outcomes.

If you’re looking for a competitive edge, dental benefits can help. Speak with your benefits consultant or local Delta Dental representative to review your options for employee coverage.

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